Im Schnitt 


Music for the dance 'Version III ' by Gerhard Bohner 

Stage design Paul Uwe Dreyer

A technical system that scans spatial lines for physical movement and influences sound structures with this information, such a communication system allows an unusual coexistence of dance and music. 

Despite a rigid coupling of movement in space and musical reaction, the resulting stimulus-response models are often very complex, usually not identifiable as simple if-then decisions. This is due, on the one hand, to a certain independence of the pre-designed musical structures, the "composition", and, on the other hand, to small variations in movement that occur inevitably and unconsciously, and the acoustic reflections in the respective performance space.

The music ranges from totally dependent to totally movement-independent sound structures, from concrete sounds to purely synthetic sounds. The concrete sounds are Gerhard Bohner's dance sounds recorded in the Hebbeltheatre, the synthetic sounds are produced by a synthesiser, they are organised in a strict series and their variations.

The connection between physical space and sound is maintained by a computer, which interprets Gerhard Bohner's movements in different ways and passes them on to the sound generators.

In some parts, the composer also intervenes as a musician interpreting.

- a musical spatial composition