some compositions :

UND NICHT ODER for orchestra and tape (1974-76)  

 UA RSO Berlin 1976

INNEN-AUSSEN for oboe, organ, synthesizer and tape (1976)

 UA Ev.Kirchentag Berlin 1977

IPHIGENIE Music Theatre (1977/78) (with Michiko Hirayama)

 Stadttheater Basel 1978/79

VOM FALLEN for drums, keyboard and computer (1981)

 UA Inventionen Berlin 1981

KOMETENTANZ for 12 dancers and live electronics (1982)

 UA Akademie der Künste 1982 choreograph Gerhard Bohner

AASP for voice, percussion, live electronics and computer (1983)

 UA with Michiko Hirayama in Tokio 1984

KLAVIERMUSIK for piano, computer and live electronics (1982-84)

 UA Folkwang Essen 1984 with Susanne Achilles

ABSTRAKTE TÄNZE for dancers, keyboard and computer (1985)

 UA Akademie der Künste 1985 choreograph Gerhard Bohner

IM SCHNITT for dancers, ultrasonic sensors and computers (1989)

 UA Hebbeltheater Berlin 1989 choreograph Gerhard Bohner

DER GELBE KLANG for 18 dancers, ultrasonic sensors and computer (1992/93)

 UA Theater Dessau 1993 choreographie Arila Siegert

SPÄTER SCHALL for 30 instruments, computer, modulators and electronic sounds

 Klangart Osnabrück 1995

AUS SICH for 15 instruments and live electronics (1995/96)

 UA Ensemble Modern 1997 im Podewil Berlin

INNEN for double bass flute and computer (2001/2002)

 UA 2002 BKA Berlin with Beate Gabriela Schmitt

AN SICH - Images/Silence   Music Theatre

 UA Hebbel-Theater Berlin / MaerzMusik 2003

RAUMSTÖRUNG for 4 instruments, 4 cameras and 5 computers 2004..2010

 UA Villa Elisabeth Berlin 2005

SPRACHMUSIK for alto flute/voice and talking machine by Martin Riches

 UA Wien Modern 2007  with Natalia Pschenitschnikova

PROJEKTIONEN - technology and sensation

 for soloists, chamber ensemble, music machines by Martin Riches, 

 live electronics and computer 2011-2013

 UA Philharmonie Essen 2013 Festival NOW

KLAVIERMUSIK 3 for piano, computer and live electronics (2014..2015)

wörtlich - wortwörtlich  (verbatim)

 Music Theatre for soloists, choir, orchestra and electronics (2015..2023)


(UA means first performance)