Born 1945 in Bad Schwalbach.

Studied composition and sound engineering at the Hochschule für Musik and the Technische Universität Berlin (1966-74). Student of Heinz Friedrich Hartig, Frank Michael Beyer, Isang Yun and others. Scholarships for Utrecht (Sonology 1974/75) and Rome (Villa Massimo 1977/78). 

Berlin Music Award 1982.

He founded the improvisation group 'No Set' in 1968, was a member of the 'Gruppe Neue Musik Berlin' from 1971-1978.

He wrote chamber music, orchestral music, electronic music, also ballet and drama music, radio play music, actions, music theatre pieces, etc.

Intermediary works, research into communication models.

Since 1967 he has been working with electroacoustic music, since 1979 especially with the combination of mechanical instruments and computer and specific compositions for voice and electronics. Creation of the necessary computer programmes in various programming languages.

Collaboration with singers Michiko Hirayama, Amelia Cuni, Ute Wassermann and the visual artist Martin Riches.

Sporadic lectures and seminars.

Own experimental studio in Berlin.

Some performances at the Warsaw Autumn. Concert tours, mostly several times, to France, England, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.